Multifaceted web-based mobile asset tracking and management platform Intelligen™, Infotech Business Solutions’ core market offering, has been fully acquired by Urbanise, a globally renowned provider of IoT (Internet of Things) and service delivery platform for buildings.

The deal, effective from 4 January 2017, will facilitate the integration of Intelligen™ resource management platform into the Urbanise offering.

This industry-leading deal will ensure that the market can now benefit from a high-tech and feature rich resource that allows for proactive and reactive mobile resource and asset tracking management.

In addition to providing the standard features of live vehicle tracking, Intelligen™ gathers critical data which will assist the user to make informed decisions, optimise performance and eliminate risks.

Through the innovative integration of Intelligen™ with a multitude of mobile devices, this powerful management tool allows for real-time monitoring, route optimisation, prioritisation and dispatching which offers substantial cost savings to customers through better management of resources and assets.

On the other hand, the Urbanise e-commerce service management engine, designed for service providers, provides the perfect platform for service providers to make their services available to customers through an easy-to-use self-service catalogue.

In conjunction with Intelligen™, Urbanise now provides a complete mobile workforce ecommerce engine, which gives service providers an opportunity to unlock a range of new revenue streams.

“This deal is a breakthrough for Intelligen™… it is now part of an international and listed software firm, which means exposure to a much wider market,” explains Heinrich Venter, CEO of Infotech Business Solutions.

“We expect great things from this alliance. It adds substantial value to our combined offering and makes available a more indepth offering. The synergy between Intelligen™ and Urbanise is obvious and this is a unification of expertise that will make significant difference to the international market going forward,” Venter explains.

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