The Intelli Business Solutions IoT tracking device was designed with ultra-low power wireless tracking applications in mind. It operates on the Sigfox IoT network in the RC1 zone at 868 MHz. However, it can also be configured to support our own proprietary RF protocol, allowing for peer-to-peer communication outside of the Sigfox network.

The product includes a very sensitive multi-constellation global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver, for accurate device location, and is capable of intelligently detecting motion using an onboard accelerometer (thus allowing for true wireless ignition detection for vehicle tracking applications).

It can be configured to be either a rechargeable (powered using a wired high-voltage or USB input together a rechargeable battery pack) or a fully wireless non-rechargeable device (powered using a high-capacity primary cell).

The device is also capable of monitoring multiple externally connected sensor inputs and detecting tamper conditions. A digital output for switching relay based actuators is also provided for.



IBS05 – IOT Tracking Device

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